McDowell County's most trusted medical clinics

Since 1976 we've built a reputation in Welch and throughout West Virginia for comprehensive and affordable health care. We currently own and operate five clinics in Welch, Gary, Northfork, Pineville and Bradshaw. We're committed to providing low cost health care to all individuals and families and we're happy to help you no matter your need. Call us to schedule an appointment!

Tug River Mount View Center

Located at
950 Mount View Road, 
Suite 500 Welch, WV 


We offer comprehensive dental and medical care for a very cost-effective price. Our team of highly skilled doctors and health care providers will listen to your needs and give you the best possible treatments. Women's care, pediatrics and addiction treatments are available as well. Call or visit us today!
Exterior view of the most trusted medical clinic in Welch, WV
Entry point of the Tug River Health clinic North Fork Center

Tug River Health Association, Inc - Northfork Center

Located at
Northfork Center Rt. 52,
Main Street 
Northfork, WV 24836

(304) 862-2588 

As a trusted provider of family medicine, addiction treatment and black lung disease, we're always available to meet your needs. Our staff is fully licensed and board certified. Our rates are affordable. Call or visit us today!

Tug River Riverview Center

Located at
512 Mountaineer Highway, Suite 500
Bradshaw, WV 24817
(304) 967-7682

As a non-profit clinic with over 30 years of experience, we're dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of individuals and families, regardless of their ability to pay. We offer comprehensive preventative medicine, addiction treatment, black lung treatment and dental services. We're always available to give you the care you need. Call us today for more information!

Tug River Catterson Center

Located at
Pineville Center Rt. 10, Main Street, Box 430 
Pineville, WV 24836
(304) 732-7069 

We have over 30 years of experience providing top quality pediatric and general health services. We offer a large selection of wellness programs including vaccinations, preventative medicine and addiction treatments. We'll meet with you, offer compassionate medical care and ensure you're on the road to wellness. Call or visit us today!

Tug River Health Association, Inc. - Gary Center 

Located at
5883 Black Diamond Highway, PO Box 507 
Gary, WV 24836 
(304) 448-2101
We welcome all patients, new and returning and offer hassle free walk in and urgent care. We also offer comprehensive women's care, pediatric and family medicine services. Regardless of your ability to pay, we're here for you. Call or visit us today!
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